At Master Laminate we use only top quality films that guarantee your safety and protection from potential dangerous situations and let’s not forget about your privacy. With almost 10 years of experience we specialise in smash and grab film for vehicles and also do reflective films for home and office windows and even extend our services to frosted privacy films for bathroom windows and shower doors.



Smash and grab window film is designed to provide protection to the occupants of the vehicle against personal injury and loss.  The film holds shattered glass in place limiting the amount of glass flying, cutting and hurting occupants in the event of a vehicle accident.  Additionally, thieves will find it difficult to break through tinted glass and get into your car and the film also limits their view of personal objects that you may have in the car such as GPS devices, radios etc.



Glass can be a fragile material, especially if you have young children or pets, or you may be concerned about your windows breaking, an application of our safety and security window film will quickly and easily upgrade glass to meet safety film standards, making it harder to break and ensuring that if the glass does break, it does so in a safe way. By blocking harmful UV rays, window tint can also help prevent damage to the materials within your home such as furniture and electronics.



Privacy is required throughout commercial properties for a variety of reasons. Window film can provide daytime one-way privacy or two-way privacy as well as combine with other safety and security films. Due to window tint’s insulation properties, it helps to equalize the temperature in your office, resulting in your heating and cooling systems not having to work as hard to maintain your preferred temperature. This not only reduces your energy costs, it also helps to make your office more comfortable by eliminating large temperature fluctuations.



We can install frosted window film which is a quick and easy way to create an eye-catching feature on your glass fixtures and windows. Once applied the film will give your windows the appearance of sandblasted glass and is available in a variety of different patterns. This will provide privacy, whilst still allowing a good level of natural light to pass through.


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